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Imperial flag of Yamato, depicting their infamous rising sun imagery

Yamato is an empire with its core located on the Yamato Peninsula. It is bordered to the east by the Pacific ocean, the south by Matya, to the west is Chunjin and the northern border is shared with CUSS. It holds primary influence on the Japanese and Phillipines Strait. The capital city is Gyoto and the population of the empire is over 100 million strong. Yamato is a great naval power and its stability can be attributed to the strong monarchy and army, who run the nation.


Mirrored Dawn period - (1500s - 1847)[]

With a rapidly expanding population, mostly immigrants from the newly conquered lands around Asia, many saw employment in cultivating the land and fishing, which built up the strong agricultural and naval spirit of the nation. But during the 1500s, troubles arose and the peace was shattered with the weak reign of Emperor Tyuso and his generals plotted against him. After his assassination, the country erupted into violent civil war where anybody who was able to afford an army was able to lay a claim on the Throne of Gods. All seeming victors would eventually have their power torn down within the next few decades and replaced by a new dynasty. Finally, in the year 1847, a legendary warrior by the name of Kuribashi, "The Golden String", stabilised his regime and the current emperors can trace their ancestry back to him. The name of the period comes from a popular poem written at the time, reflecting on the endless cycle of war and suffering,

"all dawns rise but they fall, mirrored images deceives us of a false tomorrow"

- Extract from an unnamed poem discovered in 1922

Gung Wars - (1891 - 1901)[]

The Gung wars were a series of short wars fought between the Armestisian Royal Navy and the Imperial Yamato Fleet. Each victory for the Armestis brought about more and more concessions until Armestis took full control of the Phillipines Strait. The wars started as it was believed that the recent slouch in economy in the southwest of their empire was perpetrated by Armestis traders with ill intent providing the locals with addictive herbs grown on Florus (known as "Gung"). An investigation found it was indeed an intentional disruption of order issued by the King of Armestis. With their national honour on the line, Yamato declared war on Armestis, unknowing that this was what they have been waiting for. The steel warships of the Armestis navy completely outmatched the old steamships in service with Yamato and they were handed defeat after defeat in the sea, resulting in their loss of the colony of Matya, which surrendered after running low on supplies.

1st Gung War:[]

Yamato is forced to surrender many ports in Matya to Armestis authority. Armestis traders are allowed unrestricted access to sell gung all across Yamato

2nd Gung War:[]

Yamato surrenders the entire colony of Matya to Armestis

3rd Gung War:[]

Yamato surrenders part of the Phillipines to Matya, now an Armestis puppet