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The flag of Valkenburg

Valkenburg, officially the Kingdom of Valkenburg, is a country situated on the west coast of the Lorient mainland and consists of Imperial Valkenburg and several overseas colonial holdings. The lands of Imperial Valkenburg extend up to the Saint Helen mountains to the Magnus ocean. Overseas territories are as listed: Florus, Vivante and Claris, collectively known as South Valkenburg. The country shares its only land border with Renes, with the narrow sea of the Juniper Strait separating them from Skogsmark. As of 1932, the nation counts 24 million (including those from the colonies).


The Great War - (1910 - 1917)[]

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Although at first neutral and indifferent in the wars waged in Europe, Valkenburg was eventually bribed into joining the coalition in the year 1916, a turning point in the war, promised with the Skogsmarkian colony of Claris after the war. Valkenburg acted swiftly, soundly defeating the Skogsmarkian navy at sea, humiliating the Armestisian navy who failed for the past 6 years, even though they had greater numbers available. They participated in the Summer Storm campaigns and were the first to reach Kranvdert, crowning them as the true victors of the war.

War of the Crows - (1920 - 1923)[]

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After the swift conclusion of the Great War brought about primarily by Valkenburg forces, the Valkenburg government heavily involved themselves in the peace talks. However, the Armestis king, feeling outdone and humiliated, hampered with the negotiations, eventually getting every demand made by Valkenburg turned down, although the intial promise of Claris was provided. Leaving the Great War with almost nothing and with their confidence boosted by their success against the Skogsmark navy, Valkenburg and Armestis, the two nations who remained most intact after the war, were locked into bitter disputes over the spoils. Finally, in 1920, under overwhelming pressure and the willingness to go "that far" to remain in office for another term, the Prime Minister of Valkenburg declared war on Armestis, under the grounds of international conspiracy to deny Valkenburg the riches it deserved.


In the intitial stages of the conflict, Armestis had a significant lead, rapidly taking the still undeveloped isle of Claris and mounting a siege of Valkenburg on the west side. However, Armestis leaders were overconfident and every time they showed gaps in their lines, it was quickly exploited and overflowed with enemy vessels. Using their knowledge of the weather and terrain around their homeland, the Valkenburg navy eventually ended the siege, turning the tide of the war in neither side's favour.

Purely by chance, in the year 1921, the King of Armestis fell ill with smallpox and died leaving his 9 year old heir, Zukki Galiner to inherit the throne. With the country's elite caught bickering amongst themselves, Valkenburg began its reign of naval dominance, achieving for the 2 remaining years of the war a legendary run of 67 warships sunk for the loss of only two destroyers and a cruiser. With further conflict imminent to collapse the nation, the King Regent of Armestis signed the Treaty of Dunnis, which was especially insulting as the Armestis city of Dunnis was renowned for its naval prowess in history. Handing over two carriers and more importantly significant amounts of land, modern day South Valkeburg, the age of Armestis naval dominance came to a close, although even to this day in terms of sheer numbers, Armestis is still far ahead.

Tanzimat Conquest - (1933)[]

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