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The "Great War", as it is often known as, is a global conflict that occurred two decades before the events of the main plot. As told, Skogsmark engaged in an intense arms race with Armestis which resulted in war, with Skogsmark on their lonesome against the united world coalition. The conflict was waged brutally by Skogsmark, setting back the economical strength of the European nations by at least half a century with their rampant scorched earth tactics and chemical warfare. As a result of their grand loss, the existing military dictatorship was in turn overthrown by a new military dictatorship, headed by the dictator Lutz Heisenburg.


Armestis and Skogsmark, who were historical rivals, each masters of the sea and land respectively, were engaged in a colossal arms race following the Industrial Revolution. Although peace was maintained in Europe for over half a century, this only meant the militaries of the powers was more and more desperate to expand their influence. As they say, Si vis pacem, para bellum. With Skogsmarkian generals expanding the Wehrmacht by threefold from the years between 1890 and 1910, Armestis was desperate to contain the threat and built up a large connection of allies around the continent. Skogsmarkian military officials, believing that Armestis was only using these allies as a bluff, invaded Slovania to acquire its natural resources. The Great War started on the 15th June 1910


-Events during the Great War are somewhat inspired by Swadia's canonical downfall after the events played out in Blitzkrieg! AU