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Lutz Heisenburg (1896 - present), sometimes anglicized as Heisenberg, is a Skogsmark born politician and from 1927, military dictator. He is the head of the Größere Befreiungspartei (Greater Liberation Party) and gained power by overthrowing the previous government in a military coup. During his reign, he started the Second World War when he invaded Valkenburg and Armestis simultaneously, sparking multiple sequential events. As a former general, he was mostly responsible for Skogsmark's initial victories.

Heisenburg was born and raised in the capital, Kranvdert, as the son of a declining middle class family. He was called into the army during the Great War and won considerable success in the war, felling Lorraine and Fasuad during the Summer Break. Known as a personal and warm commander, he was injured in combat on the northern front during the climatic siege of Viltas. After this, Skogsmark ultimately had to withdraw and Lutz was reassigned on the Eastern Front. During this time, the eclipsing years of the war, he festered an incredible hate for "social undesirables" as he believed they were undermining the war effort, as outlined in his book, The Fallen.

After the Great War, Skogsmark was ultimately defeated and in the coalition's disarmament terms, Lutz was called out by name to never be allowed to serve in the Wehrmacht again. Driven even more by hatred of the outside world and the "traitors" within, Lutz formed his own party, mostly filled with other veterans who were cast aside on war's end. After roughly a decade of stirring uproar, he led the Kranvdert March, storming the capital with an incredible two million volunteers. Lutz Heisenburg was named Reichsführer of Skogsmark on September 1, 1927. The Wehrmacht was disbanded and the Streitkrafte formed shortly after.

Lutz's end goals were the liberation of Skogsmarkian peoples from the unbending waves of history and to establish an empire that would last a hundred thousand years.

Great War[]

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-The name "Lutz Heisenburg" was originally used for the "New World" RP, combining Lutz (rhyming slang for "nuts") and Heisenburg, from "Heisenberg" in Breaking Bad.

-The decision to have Heisenberg changed to Heisenburg would find ridicule as Heisenburger, later inspired the country Valkenburg, whose denonym, as a joke would be Valkenburgers.

-Lutz Heisenburg is loosely based off of a mix of OverDozage and iosif_stalin in real life