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The twin isles of Florus: Lilium and Astronia

The twin isles of Florus, part of South Valkenburg, are a group of two islands named after the Florian natives, who in ancient times worshipped nature and especially flowers. The north island of Lilium (Lily in Florian) represents the stalwart side of the two, with high peaks and treacherous terrain whilst Astronia (named after the goddess of nature) is described as "the most beautiful place in the world". Astronia is also described as "the Dolphin Isle" due to its shape.


Two Kingdoms era[]

Armestis Rule[]


This all ended in the year 1788, when the island was taken over by the rapidly expanding Armestisian Empire. With no means to defend themselves against the shot and pike of Armestis colonists, the Florian people were forced into submission and over the next two hundred years, assimilated into the Empire. Life under the Armestis rule was harsh, many were forced into hard labour on the island of Lilium to mine for iron and coal whilst the lush plains of Astronia were levelled to make way for plantations, also reliant on slave labour. Although slavery was abolished in the year 1885, Lilium employers were still known to practice it as late as 1920.

The Great War[]

As the wars in Europe were becoming more and more bloody, many native from Florus were conscripted to fill gaps in Armestis lines, the famous "Decimation" act of 1913 in which 1 in 10 of all people on Florus were required to be serving at any one point in time. As the war drove on, this law stretched as far as to conscript children as young as 8. It was at this time that slavery truly reached its peak as officials back home relaxed their policies, knowing full well that Lilium provided most of the imperial munitions, ignoring how cheap it was to produce. In 1917, when The Great War came to a close, those who returned from the war were mostly put to work in the mines.

War of the Crows[]

With the islands now used to the torments and injustice of war, they were once again called in for the war against Valkenburg. At this point, Armestis officers were so used to relying on Florian conscripts, a famous slang term went around especially during and after the siege of Valkenburg, that Armestis ships were inhabited entirely by "overgrowth" referring to the Florian floral traditions. This term in modern times is used as a derogatory insult towards Florians. However, the Florians eager to claim their own freedom, lead Armestis to their greatest naval blunder. Navigators of task force "Arnie AN-02", ethnically Florian, lead the 30 ships of the group to an encirclement in the Florian seas, resulting in the devastating Massacre of the Florus Sea, where the entire task force was wiped out by prepared Valkenburg forces. The Florus sea is now a famed mourning ground for the martyrs who freed Florus from the tyranny of Armestis. After the war, Armestis give up Florus to Valkenburg, who follow an indifferent approach, allowing the Florians to self-govern.